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How Related Posts are Creating Problem for Facebook Users?

How Related Posts are Creating Problem for Facebook Users?

If you fear towards the Facebook’s new Graph Search feature, as it can bring about the embarrassment on your part on the basis of immature and early likes you gave in your early years of facebook, then there is even one more thing to make your more worry i.e. facebook is now going to recycle likes of users and will now promote related posts in the user’s friend newsfeed. Another thing the makes is more daunting that users will themselves have most possibly never seen that story, or liked it or even aware of promotion going under their name.

What are related posts?

Related posts are totally uncommented feature of facebook unlike documented feature of sponsored ads etc. It can be seen as manipulative and misleading behavior on the part of facebook. Facebook has already paid 20 million$ over the settlement on sponsored stores. Worst part is that facebook shows likes on related posts from those users even who are dead from long time.

How they create Problem ?

Many individuals on Facebook have no idea on what is happening. Any post that is made by Facebook on your behalf is totally invisible to you and is only shown to your family and friends on their newsfeed. While in some cases they are harmless but in some cases they can damage your reputation. Now the problem arises as it goes beyond advertising purpose. The friends and family members of a user might think that he likes an inappropriate content that can damage relationships. You just don’t know and have no control on what facebook is posting on your behalf.

Stance of Facebook

However the facebook spokesman maintains the stance that all related posts are result of some kind of likes even can be accidental likes by the user by unintentionally pressing a button or something. A report in a newspaper a few months ago mentioned other ways of facebook obtaining likes on behalf of users. One of them was that facebook add likes every time when some user messages some link to some likeable page. This automatic liking along with the fake bots accounts can boost out these messages in an effective way of bringing a lot of likes to a page. And even if your message contains some negative and absurd remarks, even then facebook will count it as a like.
Facebook has said that its working on fixing the double like glitch but apparently has no plans on fixing message-like glitch. Many users invariably sees ad saying that their friend has liked some match making page, even though that friend is married or committed. When asked to those friends, they are shocked and respond that they never ever liked that kind of page. In this way, if their partner is also in their friend list, it can bring a lot of problem for a happy couple who is very much committed to each other. There seems to be no way for prevention of this thing.