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Most Popular Facebook Scams

Most Popular Facebook Scams

If someone is interested in knowing that how many people visited their profile of facebook this month or this week, or someone wants to receive a notification when a friend deletes him? Or one might want facebook in some other theme or color such as red as blue gets boring. Of course many people are interested in these features and want them. That is the reason in this blog you will find the most popular scams of facebook that you should never be trapped into.
This list was released by a a digital security company and they shared this list with newspapers. The company told the papers that by clicking on the scam links, facebook users are transferred to other websites which can harm computer by installing dangerous malicious programs on the computers of users. These programs are normally viruses and can be really damaging to the system and can also hijack some private data. Everyone should ensure that they never fall prey to these types of scams.

Profile Visitors Scam

The scam is about some app or software that will allow seeing how many visitors were there on the user’s facebook profile and which friend or stranger is visiting their facebook profile. This function is not provided at all by Facebook and has no plans of providing it anytime soon.

Changing Facebook Theme

This scam involves changing the color pattern of facebook profile which is not possible at all.

Rihanna Sex Tape

People should now learn that there is no sex tape of Rihanna nor there is some kind of video of Rihanna having sex with his boyfriend.

Checking of Status Update to Win Free Facebook Shirt

We know that free T shirts are always good but no one is getting one definitely by clicking on these fake links on facebook.

Say Goodbye to Blue Facebook

That is the again the same scam, but no one can change it and they should now understand this.

Free iPhones for Free

Every user should be aware of all types of scams that offer free iphones or any other electronic equipment on facebook.

Check if a Facebook Friend has deleted you

These are some kind of websites or extensions that tell the users that they will track down those losers. But users should always avoid clicking on these links and instead go take a look at their friends by themselves.

See Your Top 10 Profile Peekers

Again it is the same scams of letting users know about those who sneak or peek in their profiles.

I Just Changed my Facebook Theme

It’s confusing that why people hate their Facebook’s blue color so much after all. The digital security company has done a fabulous job by publishing these common scams and harmful links to the general users of facebook. This company is also in process of generating its own facebook app that is going to alert the facebook users of these types of scams or threats very quickly.