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Recording Instagram Videos

Recording Instagram Videos

The Instagram camera can be activated by clicking on an icon present on the right bottom corner of the interface of Instagram app. When you will click on the icon of video camera, you will see that it will become bigger and will move to the page’s centre at the bottom of the screen and will start turning red too. When you will see this button, it means that you are all up for shooting the video. This button just needs to be touched by you to start recording.

Step by Step Guide

First of all, you must position your Instagram camera so that you can easily record the action in front of the camera. It would be good that you hold your hands still. This is becuase motion of your camera may deteriorate the quality of your video. Therefore, it is suggested that you rest the camera on a table so that you can record a stable video. You can also record your video by leaning your camera against a wall or something behind it.
For starting the process of recording, you just have to press the camera’s red button and hold a finger down for a long time for recording the particular scene. When you have done that, just lift the finger and take it off the screen for stopping the recording. This will take the camera in the pause mode. You must shoot a video of three seconds and the length cannot exceed than 15 minutes.

Camera Angles

When you take your finger off the button of recording, the camera will pause. This feature helps you in shooting variant kind of views and then automatically joins them together for you. You do not have to do editing for stitching these small videos together for creating a mini film. You just have to lift the finger and then reposition it. Press it again and then record the next scene that you want to shoot.
You can also reposition your camera in between these shots too. This will help you in shooting the subject from various angles and sides. It would be better if you stand up for the first shot and then move a bit away for the second shot. This way, you will be able to get one closer shot and one wide short of your scene. The viewer will be able to get a visual sense of your scene you filmed with the help of two different shots.
It is also suggested that you must hold a single shot for at least three seconds. This means that you will be able to shoot five scenes of your mini movie. You can easily shoot three or four shots for a typical short video.
If you are planning to make a mini movie with the help of Instagram camera, then this step by step guide will definitely assist you in managing the app and using it in the best manner possible.