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5 Tips that Will Help You in Becoming Pro of Instagram

5 Tips that Will Help You in Becoming Pro of Instagram

Instagram is now that social network that has crossed 200 million users mark in the March of this year. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to Instagram or an oldie, the following tips are going to help everyone to get a lead on Instagram.

Save your originals

The pictures that are uploaded and shared on Instagram are of 612×612 pixels in the size. If you want to upload a higher resolution picture, then you can do this on your phone or tablet. On Smartphones with Android, the full size images are automatically saved in a folder of Instagram in the gallery. While in iOS, they are added to the folder of camera roll. In either case, you need to make sure that you activate “save original photo option” in the settings. The maximum resolution that Instagram can save is 2048×2048 pixels.

Embed your photos on the Web

If you have taken a click that you want to upload on your blog then find the post via instagram.com and then click the menu and choose the option of view photo page, then you are required to open the menu button again and then select the option of Embed. There will appear a code that you will copy and then you can post that link anywhere on the internet for the showcase of that image. Every Embed comes with an inbuilt link back to the photos on the internet and it will work only with Instagram accounts that are public and not private.

Take Your time for Editing

Instagram has added more amazing editing tools just last month. Now you can adjust the strength of every filer and you can also access many other new options too. You can also utilize Shadow option if some part of the image is dark. If you desire to change the strength of picture’s color then go to Saturation Slider. So there are many editing options and filters and take your time to make your picture perfect before it gets uploaded.

Use Dropbox for the Favorites

You can add Dropbox in mix and then you can also make a recipe that can save all the images that you favorite in your hard disk. This is a really useful way of making a collection of the best and favorite images. The image saved on your hard disk is of 640×640 pixels.

Manage the Photo Map

Whenever you share a photo on Instagram, you get the opportunity to add it also on the photo map. There are some privacy issues attached in sharing the location of pictures, but this can be very useful for making a group of those pictures that were taken during a same trip or event. If you want to review those pictures that were tagged with the location, then just tap the map marker on your main page, then the subsequent screen will show you the photos and will also enable you remove the provided location if you want to do so.