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Good Marketing Techniques for Instagram

Good Marketing Techniques for Instagram

The only basis of Instagram is not uploading and sharing pictures to friends and family but it can also demonstrate its help in the growth of business. This blog will provide marketers with five essential tips that will help them in achieving a good lead for their business through sharply using Instagram.

Same Profile Name for All Social Networks

Firstly, you should imply this tactic, it will be easy for the customers to recognize the brand and product immediately plus if you are tagged by some other user in a description of any photo and that photo is being shared on Twitter that tag will automatically link to the brand’s twitter account. In this way tagging will be of more value on Instagram.

Pictures Should reflect Product

If someone is thinking of selling a product or some service, he needs to make sure that the images he is going to use should reflect the experience of the product and should deem as a product placement advertisement. The focus should be on the work that the product is offering while it is being utilized and not on to that person who is using the product. Example can be taken of a celebrity driving car and using navigation, so the focus should be given on navigation if the ad is of GPS Company.

No Spamming

A very common and important rule is that one should not post too many photos every day. Just post two or three pictures every day and do not post without any gap but after a gap of few hours. In case of flooding of account with pictures, the risk of loyalty and non-seriousness of your customers increases. If one may look around Instagram, he will see that average member follows 50 to 200 users which show that dissimilar to facebook, people like to add restricted people on their profiles so that they don’t get to see any kind of useless stuff on their profiles. Similarly, unfollow are very common on Instagram as compared to facebook and twitter, so one should need to be careful.

Valuable Use of Hashtags

Just like it happens on Twitter, one should use hashtagging on their pictures as it enables the discovery of their account by many strangers who are not inside their connections even. Use the search option that is available on Instagram to find the latest trends hashtags and then use them along with every post you make. Some common hashtags on Instagram are filters and colors. Instagram also doesn’t have any limitation on amount of characters or words so one can also write a long hashtag.

Picture Should not belong to Useless Category

You should be very sure that the picture you are going to post should fall either in beautiful imagery, product advertisement or humor category. You should never keep posting random party pictures and lose your followers due to with spamming of useless photos. First think and then post.