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How Instagram can help in Boosting Marketing?

How Instagram can help in Boosting Marketing?

Everyone is familiar with Instagram that allows its user to see and share photos and videos with their friends. Users are also allowed to edit their photos by using various tools of photo editing. By implementing on following tips, you will get to know that how this colorful and entertaining app can turn into a platform for escalating the sales and fame of any business.

Learn Instagram Thoroughly

Firstly, before anyone starts using Instagram, he should get himself absolutely familiar with it. Don’t just right away start with branding your product. First create a personal account and upload and share some photos and learn the game play. This will help a lot in learning this technology and in what ways it can be helpful to you. Once you learn all this, you can start the product account and click and share photos of the products on Instagram.

Post Regularly

After creating the account, do not fade away. If someone cannot manage it then he should hire some manager to do it. But the definitive key to victory is that admin should frequently update the profile and keep posting new and interesting stuff for their fans.


Make use of Video Feature on Instagram

Many people are oblivious of the fact that they can also make video of utmost 15 seconds on Instagram. That can be performed by using various Instagram filters. One can also share the video he makes to all other social networks as well. As it is said that one video can explain more than a hundred pictures, so do not challenge the power of video in attracting potential customers towards your product. People can also embed the video to their blog too.

Hashtags can be Very Helpful

In case you don’t know, Instagram is also flooded with plenty of hashtags just like twitter every day. In this way the current customers and also potential customers who are searching for various hashtags on Instagram can find your product, and it becomes very simple for them to find your brand on Instagram. Only use related hashtags, that are related to that specific picture or video that is being posting along with it.

Arrange Pictorial Competitions

If someone wants to build a great fan following on Instagram then he should keep arranging various pictorial contests. Persuade all the fans to participate in sharing photo related to some topic or theme and in return give them some kind of gifts. You can also push their facebook and twitter fans to take part in the contest of Instagram and share their photos.

Connect Facebook with Instagram

Another good way is to connect Instagram with your facebook fan page that should have been created earlier. It is simple to connect Instagram with the facebook page. This will make a lot easier for anyone to share their Instagram pictures on facebook, and also it will make it simpler for the fans on facebook to join and view your pictures on Instagram as well.