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How to Expand Business with the Help of Twitter?

How to Expand Business with the Help of Twitter?

Twitter has created a new rising platform to enhance business and business related activities. Following are few helpful tips that will help anyone in giving a quick boost to their business and attracting new and potential customers.

Look out for Celebrities & Famous People

Another helpful way to find potential customers is to go through the influencers. The pool of people that you desire can easily be accessed through them. You can use their streams by adding informative links, facts or figures etc. Those influencers are the celebrities or the ones with high number of followers. It might sound a futile exercise but believe me it is not. It works as a bridge between you and your customers. If you get a reply back from influencer, that would signal a message that you are some legit company.

Use Twitter Search for Maximum Benefits

An important element is to get full advantage of twitter search. Plethora of users are using twitter search to get their desired results regarding some trend or some person. Twitter captures that circle of customer desires that is not even captured by Google nowadays. Whatever product you want to advertise on twitter, there is high possibility someone is looking out of for it at some place. Find the potential customers by searching the most relevant keywords that are linked within your product framework. You can then join the ongoing conversation by introducing your product. Though, do not act as stalkers and remain a marketer whose job is to advertise his product. You should be polite and helpful. Be direct and very simple. If you want to receive more replies, it is related to how much value you assign to your customer.

Use a Twitter Name that is Relevant to Business, Not to you

It is also vital that you have a relevant and attracting twitter domain. Remember; do not use your own name or some random name for the profile name. Use as relevant name as it can be as when a customer uses twitter search, your name appears in the top ones. Just like if a person is looking for bodybuilding supplements and your profile name is Raymond123, then it is impossible for him to reach you.

Add Links of Twitter on Visiting Cards

Nowadays, many small businesses do not even create a webpage as it is costly to create and maintain. Even, if a company has his webpage, it is more attractive to give link of your twitter profile in the visiting cards or in your email signatures, frequent twitter users will prefer visiting you on twitter than your webpage.

Appropriate Information in Profile

You need to make an appropriate and colorful profile that should be full of information regarding business and product. You should write about your expertise in the line of product that you want to sell. Remember, the customers who are concerned in your product will require some time to read all about you, as they want to clear their worries too.