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Benefits and Drawbacks of Scheduled Tweets on Twitter

Benefits and Drawbacks of Scheduled Tweets on Twitter

Every day, new apps are created with new features and new developments. However, the next week these apps are replaced by the new ones. It is not important that you cling yourself to a single Twitter application for all the time. You need to change the apps over time in order to fulfil your needs associated with them. Twitter recently introduced a new tool for scheduling. This article is going to discuss the features, benefits and drawbacks of this scheduling app of Twitter.

Benefits of using Twitter Scheduling

The main benefit of using Twitter scheduling is that it makes it easier for you to write and schedule the promoted Tweets. You can also schedule the Tweets with the increment of one minute. It is not exactly a feature but the app also lets you add photos, geo stamps and links to your tweets like many other apps of Twitter do.
If you are planning to start the use of this app, you can do this in the following way:
• First of all login into Ads.Twitter.com.
• Click on the tab of “creatives”.
• Now, click on the “compose Tweet” tab.
• You can either post the tweet right away or you can also schedule it. This window can also be used for scehulding the promoted Tweets.
The introduction of Twitter scheduling is a great step by Twitter. However, the application lets people do the same things with another app named as TweetDeck.
If Twitter wants to create a promotional and scheduling tool, it would have to work hard on the dynamics and switching of the app.
It is suggested that Twitter must add up such a feature which would allow the businesses to tweet the similar tweet at random times in a year. This would be a perfect feature which can be used by the businesses in a beneficial way.

Drawbacks of Using Twitter Scheduling

There are applications like Hootsuite and buffer which provide you with the offer of bookmarklets. With the help of this button, you can easily drag in the toolbar of the browser so that if you want to schedule a tweet anytime, you can just click on this button. This feature is not present in Twitter scheduling application.
The other apps also let you post your tweets from variant other accounts in a simultaneous manner. However, when it comes to using Twitter, you would have to have an additional account for every persona. You have to login to your account for scheduling the tweets. This can be really problematic for businesses as they have to invest more time in switching their accounts for using the app’s feature.
Different suggestions have been put up by Twitter experts regarding the incorporation of new features and applications in it for the users. Twitter is working to bring about new changes in the apps and their features in order to serve the users in the best possible manner.