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Ways to Build Organic Following on Twitter

Ways to Build Organic Following on Twitter

Nowadays, building an organic network on Twitter is essential for good marketing and growth of business. The problem remains that it requires a lot of time and will. You can go for fake followers but not only that will cost you a lot but also they won’t care of what you are writing and they will never engage with you. However, by implementing on the following points, one can build large organic following in short span of time.

Ratio of Followers/Following

Twitter keeps an eye on you that you don’t start to follow plethora of people unless you have that many followers of your own. The reason for this is to control spamming, that makes sense because people likes thousands of people just as they believe that few hundred will follow them back too. Twitter does not allow having a substantial difference between followers and following. Therefore, you need to be sure on who you should follow and when is the right time to unfollow someone.

Limited Followers

To prevent further spamming, Twitter also prevents its users to follow more than 1000 people in one single day. Therefore, trying the game in an artificial way will also won’t allow you to get followers more than 1000 on any given day. Now, for getting a jump in followers, you can find your colleagues and friends in following ways.
Once you have signed into Twitter, click on the option of who to follow that is on the top of the page. In the search box, you can search people by their usernames, similar interest. Once you find people of interest, you can click on follow button to start following. Also, import your contact list of emails. You have the option to import contacts from your Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and LinkedIn accounts. You will have the option to choose persons who you want to follow on Twitter.
Once you are done with following, go towards your following. Your main purpose is to unfollow worthless persons. First, check if the profile has some avatar or not. Then, check out the past tweets and followers of that person. If you find very few followers in recent past, or that person has not tweeted in many days or months, then that is a signal of abandoned account and you need to unfollow that person immediately.
There are also some apps that will allow searching for those people that share the common interests with you. Here are two of the best apps in this category.


This site will help you in increasing your followers by finding those people who have added same interests or used certain keywords that you have also used in the past. By utilizing the search function given on the homepage of this website, you will be able to find people of your interest.

Twitter Grader

This site will not only help in grading your profile on Twitter but also to locate users of your city, state or people with same interests across the world.