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How to Take Leads in Twitter?

How to Take Leads in Twitter?

If you have a desire to augment your level in twitter, and recover the investment that you have made in the form of money and time, then follow tips that will help you a lot in achieving the above objective.

Following the Lead

Don’t think that Twitter is only for tweeting, but it’s a widely used source for information. You need to find out what the hot topics are and what is trending. This technique will give you an upper hand, and you know what to post that will attract the attention of users. This method of tweet tweaking, you can catch the followers who might turn into customer for your business.

Saving the Sales Pitch

You should not reckon Twitter as a tool of selling. Instead, you should utilize it in a way to enhance the loyalty of customers and offer them great offers and valuable information. Over-marketing can be harmful for a business and if their feed gets bombarded with your tweets, then there is threat that they might unfollow you. Remember, you are a resourceful person not a door to door sales guy.

Keep it Precise

Posting links to some news or event is a good tool, but twitter is about brevity and you do not have much space for long links. Similarly, your links should be shortened by the use of any redirect service. The most popular is bit.ly that shortens the link and gives you more characters to write your opinion about it.

Reply after a Gap

There are Twitter filters that allow its users to see the replies in a way that they are following both side of the conversation. But if you will give the reply after a gap, then the post will not have @ in the start and it will be viewed by the users as a separate tweet. In this way all of your followers will be able to view that tweet and you will get more reach.

Lose Some Characters

As you know that the character limit on Twitter is 140, but the cool people nowadays do not use more than 125 characters. Short tweets get more attention in the feed of users. It also makes easier for users to retweet it.

Become a Resource

If you provide information and give timely updates, then there are high chances that you will get high retweets. In an ocean of worthless tweets, a valuable and informative tweet definitely gets attention and appraisal. But don’t be too informative on your personal issues such as your eating or sleeping habit as this will bore the followers.

Take time for everyone

Finally and most importantly, no matter how busy or how famous you are, you should take out time to reply and answer to each and everyone. Be a good role model for your followers and don’t give an impression of arrogance and vanity. In this way, you are surely going take a lead on Twitter.

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