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Watch Your Facebook Go Farther!

Watch Your Facebook Go Farther!

Your Facebook fan page could make or break your social media marketing strategy, so you should consider investing considerably in it. Think about how the strategy should be carried. Think about how every short and long term goal should be pursued. Decide who you’re going to trust with managing these fan pages, if you are going to let someone else do it.


These are the things you need to grow your social media marketing:


  • Likes
  • Rating
  • Views
  • Shares
  • Comments


Get Daily Likes!

While getting as many likes as you can on your fan page is the long term goal, it might not be a good idea to get all those 100,000 likes in one day, even if you can. This is why it’s important to pace the growth of your fan page. Otherwise, you might run the risk of ending up just being a one-hit-wonder. What allows for constant exposure is the fact that people like a certain page on a daily basis. This is what keeps putting the pages up in the news feed, in the same way, a YouTube video gets back up when a new person likes it.


Get Five Stars per Rating


Twitter is not the only social media that plays with stars. Your fan page or company can get rated by users as well. A good rating is what’s going to give your brand more opportunities to be presented to a wider audience, and be consistently recommended to other potential consumers. It’s quite important to consistently get good ratings from people because a single 5-star rating isn’t enough. That could be brought down by other lower ratings, which won’t be good for marketing.


Have People Comment on Your Posts or Page


While stars and ratings will give your audience the statistical confidence in your own page, some people still respond to real human interaction with the company or brand that they’re checking out. The best way to do that, of course, is through commenting. When potential customers or patrons see real people showing their appreciation on your page, they’re more likely to see good things in your brand! Share a photo on Instagram and have people comment on it. It’s one of the best ways to advertise because you’re using real people to promote your page.


Keep on Sharing!


Sharing on this social media is good. It’s what keeps the page active and it’s what keeps people interested. It’s a great way, for example, to feature something that you put on your Pinterest to catch the attention of people. By having a consistent frequency of shares, you send a message that you’re always coming up with something new for your followers, and they’ll love that!



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