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Do you always see posts from friends asking you to like or share it? Do you ever wonder why they do that?  While most of us may already know why, let us check why people need other people to check out their posts or pages.


Facebook undoubtedly is the number one social networking site. It has allowed us to upload photos and videos, send messages, keep in touch with friends and families from around the world. It can also be a measure of how popular you are. The more people like your photos, your comments or status updates, the more popular you become.


Today marketers, businessmen, event planners, entrepreneurs and the like are using social media as marketing platforms. What is the better way to advertise aside from using Facebook or Instagram, where friends of friends can tag each other, can share their links in making their brand known and visible? None. Furthermore, they can reach would-be customers and keep the current ones updated and interested by creating new boards in Pinterest or you may upload advertisements in YouTube.


Your social media page gives you:

  • Access – people can find you by searching your name in any of the sites, and you can do the same too.
  • Connection – you can send messages, or chat with your families and friends real-time. Send them tweets on Twitter.
  • Updates – you can check friends’ post and know what keeps them interested at the moment. If you have a business, you can reach groups of people frequently like in Pinterest.
  • Insights – if you have a business, your page will give you a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs, so you can make your marketing strategies.
  • Free Marketing Opportunities – where else can you post your classifieds that would be easily visible to your friends? This is the easiest and a free way where you can advertise your business. You can create events, send invites and keep track of who are attending.


If you make it in the internet, you will make it anywhere.


But you have to face it – these likes are elusive and getting them needs strategizing. How can you flood your profile or account with likes or followers in a short span of time?


You need the help of someone who can increase your media presence naturally and at ease. Someone who can deliver it fast and keep them coming at a price you can easily afford.


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