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Give me more likes!

Give me more likes!

Social media has been playing a very important role in the field of communication primarily because through social media sites you can easily communicate with other people across the globe, giving you a feeling that you are not miles apart. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube are among these social media sites that are popular today. It was widely used as it is convenient, easy and very accessible. As long as you have the device and internet connection, discussions and interaction to others are possible. Also, one can be entertained in these social media sites primarily because there are funny pictures and videos posted there. In addition, the main reason why these sites are popular is that one becomes updated on the happenings of one’s life and he can actually say something about it or even share it to gain more knowledge. Furthermore, these sites were said to be helpful not just in terms of communicating with others but also in conveying helpful insights and news to people. Indeed, these social media sites are very helpful regardless of whatever negative repercussions it have.


Moreover, the first thing you will hear about social media when you ask someone is the competition being drawn by subscribers which is the acquisition of likes and followers. The mindset was said to be “more likes, more followers, the more popular you are.” Below are the things why people want more likes and followers.

  • If you will gain more likes, people will think that you are more popular compared to others. More people like you and wants to see your everyday posts and updates.
  • In terms of business, more likes and followers tend to create an image that the business is credible and trustworthy. Also, if there are more people who are involved in the page, more or less the doubts of new entrants will be lessened. Thus, more and more potential customers will be attracted. In that case, the owner will see a positive future for the business.
  • More likes means that your posts and updates are ‘likable’ and also, they like such because you both have the same mindset.
  • Some would also regard more likes to posts as a positive feedback to them. For example, if photos gain more likes the photo may perceived to be beautiful especially if the photo is the owner’s own ‘selfie’ or if not at least it’s a good photographic shot.
  • More likes means more friends and the more friends you have, the better you are as a person. You can also be regarded to be the ‘crush of the mainstream’ because of several likes you obtain from your posts.

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