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I want more likes!

I want more likes!

Social media has been receiving so much attention today primarily because of the fact that most people are involved especially the young generation. These social media accounts give some positive and negative effects to people across nations. Through social media, a universal culture seems to be created. In addition, people were very free in terms of expressing their freedom of expression without even thinking what would be the effect to others. On a positive note, through social media, one can promote one’s event, gathering or even any products. Also, you can use social media to give updates to friends, love ones and other people out there on what is happening to your daily life. Having all these facets, you can really say that social media has been playing a very important role in the world of communication regardless of the negative effects of such to people.

Among these social media sites that are popular today are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. All these have different use and very popular to teenagers as all these serve as their way of communication and interaction. In Facebook, one can like and post pictures, videos or any other updates. One can post comments too in a particular status. Sometimes, Facebook serves as an avenue to advertise one’s business. This can also be the case for Instagram where pictures can be posted for clients to see the physical appearance of the product. But more often than not, people use Instagram to share their own captured photos and videos of food, events and gatherings. For Twitter, you can tweet whatever you want. Opinions, rants as well as feelings can be posted in here. But you can also, post videos and pictures. One good thing about twitter is that it can be as private as you want so that you can freely tweet whatever you feel at the moment. For YouTube, it has been a source of entertainment and fun to others as this site was full of videos of artists, other people as well as remarkable and funny events. For Pinterest, it is not common to others but for some who have been using it, find it useful for you can find essential information there which you can use every day. But above all, one must take note that social media should not be abuse in order to enjoy all its benefits.


But instead of just enjoying the benefits of having them, people draw competition in these sites in terms of gaining likes, followers and subscribers. They tend to desire for more likes and followers because the mindset of people is that the more likes you obtain, the more popular you are and also the more beautiful and informative your posts are. Below are some tips for you to get more likes and followers.

  • Post only those pictures or posts that will attract more attention or those which are likable.
  • Follow your friends’ posts and updates too. Like them and for sure they will like your posts and pictures too.
  • Invite people to like your posts, updates and pages especially if the page is for business or other important events.
  • You may want to send them messages and request them to like and follow your posts and updates.
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