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The popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed since it was launched making it one of the most used social media platform today.

Instagram is an online mobile social networking application, that allows you to upload, caption and edit your own photos. This one comes real handy with people doing selfies all the time and taking pictures of what they are eating or things they see while shopping or out with friends, just about anywhere and everywhere they go.


What is exactly addicting about this application?


It is instant and it is fun. If news can be tweeted in Twitter in a flash, you can post your photos here as quickly as possible.  Photos are published instantly and you can have a big audience in such a short period of time.


You can take pictures within the application or use those already in your camera roll. Putting titles or captions in your photo can make it fun. Boring photos can be edited and can be amazing using filters.  You can tell a story in Instagram with your photos. Just like in Facebook, pictures can be shared with friends and you can have followers.


Because of the steady growth of users, businesses have used social media to reach out and connect to their customers. It is fast, free and effective. Brands can flaunt their products and keep customers updated through the pictures they post not only in Facebook and Instagram, but also in Twitter or Pinterest.


To win it big, you have to be in the middle of the action. Make your page popular and accessible by using trendy hash tags. It will come up when people search for something using the same hash tag.


Here are things you can take into consideration to be effective in using a social network.

  • Post regularly. Your followers will be frustrated if there is nothing new when they check your page. Your followers may unfollow you in Twitter if you have nothing to contribute.
  • Do not share your photos everywhere. People can get tired seeing the same pictures more than once.
  • Stick to your theme. Do not confuse your followers.
  • Do not post every photo that you take.
  • Have fun creating your story. Photos will show and tell whether they’re taken with pleasure or not.


The things mentioned above are just tips on how you can be appealing and interesting online.  It does not guarantee however that you’ll have a throng of followers instantly. You’ll need time and dedication and some strategy.


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