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More likes please?

More likes please?

Social media has been very influential to people nowadays in terms of thinking, attitudes and perceptions. As it is very accessible to everyone, more and more people are involved with the different social media accounts such as the Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. All sites have their own use and forte. For Facebook you can post pictures, videos and updates regarding your everyday activities. For Instagram, you can post photos and videos too which you can include captions as you post it. For twitter, you can post whatever you want such as opinion, rants or feelings. For YouTube, you can download, play and listen to music as well as watch videos and lastly, Pinterest, where you can find person of the same hobbies as yours. But above all, the notable thing about social media networks is that people are free to say whatever they want, post anything they want and to do whatever they want. Social media sites are indeed a place where there freedom of expression is very evident.


Furthermore, people who have social media accounts tend to aim for higher number of likes, followers as well as virtual friends. Sometimes, it becomes a competition to others on who would gain more likes, followers and friends. Thus, as much as possible people try to gain more virtual friends so that they will obtain more likes with whatever they will post. This became the mindset of many because more likes was said to be associated with popularity. The more you obtain more likes, the more popular you are. In order to gain more likes in these social media sites one should:


  • Add more friends in your profile. Look for all your friends’ profiles and add them so that you can gain support from them in case you posted something. This can be done in Facebook as what you have in Facebook are more virtual friends. Some would regard someone who has a lot of friends as popular.
  • Like other posts too so that they will also do the same for you. This can be done in Instagram and Facebook too.
  • You can invite people in the internet to like your posts, page or pictures. This can be done in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In terms of YouTube, you can invite other people to watch and like the videos you uploaded in your account and let them watch it. You may also tell them to share such links to gain more likes and subscribers.
  • You can follow their posts so that they will follow your posts and updates too. This can be done in Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook.
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