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Are you tired of waiting for your fan base to grow? Is your dream of making a name for yourself taking so long? Is success so elusive?


Today, people are using social media not only to be connected but also for marketing purposes, to promote their image or brands, and be recognized. Here’s a look at the most used social media platforms:


Most users of Twitter are there to gain information than to post. If your point is to advertise, it allows you to communicate to your customers, and get their feedback and upload pictures. It is made easier and convenient by the use of hashtags.


Instagram allows you to share images and video. Posting your pictures, or products with interesting captions makes them more appealing and eye-catching.


You can draw attention to whatever you are advertising by organizing your boards carefully in Pinterest. Make creative, visual, informative stories that would appeal to your audience and make then come back for more.


Having a Facebook page allows you to update your friends and reach new audience when they log in to check their newsfeeds. When someone likes your posts or comment on an update on your profile, that content will be visible in their timeline, allowing you a wider potential fan base.


You can show what you are promoting in action, in YouTube.


However, even if you have an account in all of these platforms, you have to know how to use them productively. You can consider some of these things when posting:


  • Be creative and informative. People won’t be interested if you post something that’s not appealing or of use to them. Don’t post anything, and everything.
  • Be engaging. Include your fans in the conversation, or you can reply to their comments.
  • Invite friends and families first. Before you go on and invite everybody, think of your friends and family first. They’ll be more interested in what you have to say, and what’s going on with you. They’re more likely to visit your page often. Once their friends see your posts in their timeline, they’re bound to notice it, and visit your page.
  • Know your audience. If you know who frequently visits your site, then you’ll have an idea on how you’ll post your next post. Pay attention to what people who comment on your posts say. That way you’d know what they like and what they don’t.
  • Be present. This isn’t the case of absence making the heart grow fonder. People need to know you’re there and that they can expect to hear what they like from you, else they just might stop dropping by.



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