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The opportunity in social media is boundless. Whether you are trying to promote your business, an event, an undertaking, or your image, there’s no better way to introduce it, and get a bigger audience.


The more people who will “like”you, the more popular you are. Friends of friends can share and see your posts. They will also be updated on your succeeding posts, just like when they subscribe to your channel in Youtube.


For those who are still puzzled about why people ask them to like a Page, or a post, here are some of the perks of having more likes in Facebook, or Instagram, or getting retweeted in Twitter or getting more repins in Pinterest.


  • Increased Image or Brand Recognition -Social Media Networks are channels for your brand or content. It makes you accessible to more people or customers simultaneously, and makes you familiar and recognizable. People will get more acquainted with you after seeing your products or photos from a friend’s timeline or people can stumble upon your profile after using a common hashtag in Twitter. The more likes you have, the more popular you become.
  • Credibility – a higher number of social media followers tends to promote credibility and trust in your brand or image. People who trust you, and believe in your posts, would recommend you to their friends.
  • For businesses, getting more likes is tantamount to a decrease in marketing costs. You do not have to pay more for advertising, people will advertise for you. Even if you resort to paid advertising in Facebook, the price is still relatively lower, and the audience that you can reach out to is definitely bigger than other forms of advertising, and the effect is almost instantaneous.
  • Social media allows you to get instant feedback from your audience. The more people who like, or comment or share your products will tell you what they think of it. You’ll learn how they use your products, and can base your next product from your customers’ ideas. It is a very effective market research strategy.
  • Increases your website traffic and search engine ranking. More people will be directed to your website the more they see your photos in Instagram or Pinterest. The more famous you become, the more people will want to look you up, for example in Google. This will make your website rank higher in Google’s search engine results page.


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