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The greatest mind of this century, albert Einstein, said that nothing can travel faster than light. Well, is it? Information is born every minute and reaches every corner of the world to every man with access to the net in seconds. We, at buymorelikes.com, help you break this barrier by introducing you to the social media sites and increasing weightage of your profile for it to be viewed by as many as possible.

Social media sites are a source of spreading information available with us today that are faster than any other medium. Every event, thought or news reaches people first through social media sites like Facebook and twitter, newly released videos and pictures are downloaded by people via Instagram and YouTube and newly discovered places, people or pictures as seen through someone else’s eyes  on Pinterest.

There was a time when news travelled at snails’ pace from one place to another only a few miles apart.  Then arrived the technological revolution which brought instruments like radio, television and finally the computer.   With the advent of the computer information travelled faster and reached almost everyone with help of the World Wide Web.

The following are the main types of websites that are included in social media:

  1. Social networking- includes sites like Facebook, twitter, Orkut, hi5, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Professional networking- includes sites like LinkedIn.
  3. Music and videos- includes YouTube, vimeo, Instagram and ping.
  4. Blog platforms-blogtype, typepad.
  5. Social curation-flipboard and others.

These were just to name a few categories among others that exist. Social media is a fast growing business in itself and results in increase in the number of such categories with every new idea.

Advantages of this extraordinary speed:

Once information reaches its destination, action can be taken but until then the world is at a standstill.

  1. You can call for help, be it financial, physical or medical.
  2. Get closer to someone really fast.
  3. Get to know people
  4. Attract buyers.
  5. Spread awareness about various topics that are less known or even unknown.
  6. Identify false from true information.
  7. You can make people smile in their sad times, convey your emotions before they know it and spread happiness. Or you can also choose to spread other emotions if you like.

Social media websites have themselves gone through a lot of changes and modifications. Initially, they were undermanaged and either gave the user everything or a mix up of everything available. Over time, many changes were suggested and the sites modified their services to please the user. The information was assorted according to relevance and individual selection, security was given importance and looks were upgraded continuously.

Of course, not all ideas flourish and not all businesses grow. So, at buymorelikes.com we strive to bring you the best in the market to increase your popularity and exoand your horizons.

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