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More Likes, More Customers

More Likes, More Customers

The importance of marketing on Social Media is not new to any marketer. Today, it forms a very crucial part of any marketing strategy.

Why start all this fuss about Social Media?

While, almost all marketers are trying to maximize the social media tool as a great marketing weapon, some are unsure of why and how. Only when one fully understands the benefits that correct usage can bring, that they use it effectively.

·         Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty: Social media is a platform for brands to directly connect with its customers. A well planned out strategy could prove instrumental in converting consumers to loyalists. Regular interaction increases trustworthiness. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate good customer service. If a customer complains about your product on FaceBook or Twitter, you can immediately reply, apologize and take necessary actions.

·         More Leads and Opportunities: A good social media plan should be using all the five main networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pininterest. Every post, image, video, or comment shared is a chance for someone to react, and each such reaction could lead to a new lead and conversion. However, the number of followers is the most important factor for success here. A strong following ensures that the post reaches maximum people. Social media also gives an insight into the customer’s perspective. You can understand which content generates maximum interest, reasons for conversions, feedbacks etc.

·         Higher conversion rates. Social media marketing has high conversion rates and the increasing usage by all brands is a proof. The most unique thing in this tactic is its human factor. The audience gets a feeling that they are interacting with a human and not a faceless company. When people have to compliment or complain about a company, they tweet about it on Twitter or post on Facebook, Pininterest or Instagram. The more people talk positive things about your brand on various social channels, the more valuable and strong the brand image becomes.

·         Higher Ranking: Every social media profile leading to your website and all content posted on Facebook and Twitter, every video on Youtube or Image on Instagram ensures higher ranking on search engines. Google and other search engines monitor social media presence for rankings and thus it has become almost mandatory. Higher rankings result in more inbound traffic.

·         Decreased Marketing Costs.  Marketing on social media is a cheaper option compared to the conventional methods of billboards or print advertising. Paid advertising through Facebook and Twitter is cheaper as well. You can also pay a minimal cost to buymorelikes.com and get help in reaching the highest number of likes on your Facebook page and posts.

When done correctly, social media usage leads to an increase in traffic, customers, and more sales. The most powerful of these channels is FaceBook. But as mentioned earlier, the success completely depends on the number of followers and likes. If interested in getting the highest number of likes and increasing your social presence, visit us at https://buymorelikes.com/.