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Social media sites were pioneered by personalities such as mark Zuckerberg who started Facebook in an attempt to start a new business with an innovative idea. He started it with the intention of linking all the contacts of a person and keeps them updated. Sites like twitter, Instagram, Pinterest followed.  YouTube was always a little different in the sense that it was mainly meant to share videos. Social media sites were later developed for promoting the connections that a person can have in his lifetime. The more the number of connections, the higher you will climb the ladder of success. Or so it was thought at the beginning.

Why use social media sites?

We, at buymorelikes.com, believe in providing answers to all of your questions and what better way can there be to do it but to show you the doorway to social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. We will also help you standout of the crowd and show some limelight to your profile.  Most people do it for fun which is a perfectly good excuse but here’s why we recommend them:

  • To connect.
    • A social media site connects people from all over the world making it progressively smaller. You can connect to your friends, family, business partners and colleagues.
  • To share.
    • If you are fond of sharing your thoughts, pictures, videos or just life events and future plans, these sites provide you with a platform that will display it the way you intended.
  • To express.
    • You can express your good, bad, not so bad and just about every emotion with the people you want whenever you want.
  • To show off.
    • Social media sites are a perfect medium to show your possessions off be it material or immaterial.
  • To advertise.
    • If you want to expand your business and target a large specific or non-specific population then these sites will provide you with their space on website. They may allow you to paste links to your business.
  • To keep busy.
    • Not everyone likes to sit idle. Some prefer reading books and others playing games. All these options are available on social media sites.
  • To keep you updated.
    • You can follow your contacts, famous people, celebrities or just news and keep yourself updated about the events of your country or the world.


Having said that, we will clarify you further on how important it exactly is for you to have a shining outlook for others on social media sites. Follow the points mentioned to know what would happen if you don’t have a profile that outmatches all others.

  1. You will be like a needle in a haystack and it will be impossible to find you by the people who can make a difference.
  2. Eventually you will get outdated.
  3. Your business and life will fall back a few years. It is utmost importance to keep up if you want success.

Your success is our pleasure. Visit buymorelikes.com to reach your destination.