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10 Tactics for Handling Haters on Facebook

10 Tactics for Handling Haters on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook has grown into a very powerful platform that can be used to achieve virtually anything. Nevertheless, Facebook also offers a platform that attracts haters. You know, most people like to give complain even about what seems right.

More so, customers’ experience does a very long way on a business, research has it that about 55 percent of people will pay more for a sure good user experience. Hence, irrespective of the kind of business you put up, it takes as low as hater’s comment to turn your reputation to mud.

It’s possible that your business had suffered some impact of Facebook reputation issue in the past or not, just note that it’s a normal occurrence for you or your business to face some negativity from hater on Facebook. And the impact of negativity on Facebook is always more intense, this is because it shows up visibly everywhere your brand appears on the platform.

The good news is that Facebook has a number of good management tools that you can use to manage such haters, also there are some tactics you can adopt to handle haters on Facebook. Here are 10 tactics that you can use for handling haters on Facebook whenever they show up. Some of these you may be aware of already and some you may not.

Hiding Negative or Bad Facebook Comments from Haters

Either you’re running a personal page or a business page on Facebook, you can hide comments from haters. And when this is done, it will make these comments disappear from public view of your page while the hater still believes he/she has gotten away with his/her sarcastic comment as it will still show up for him/her and his/her Facebook friends.

This seems like a brilliant option since it takes away the comment from public view and yet prevents conflict with the hater.

Deleting Negative or Bad Facebook Comments from Haters

This option is only available for the personal Facebook page where you can completely delete comments from haters it rather than just hiding it. This option removes the comment completely and may raise a bit of issue.

Banning the Haters

Do you have persistent haters who have been posting bad and negative comments or reviews on your page? You may have to ban such haters before they hurt your business. And you may need to unfriend individuals who either post snarky content on your page or tag you in them.

Banning specific keywords in visitors’ Facebook comments from your page

Completely banning the hater may bring conflict, so, the better option to manage haters would be ban certain keywords which you don’t want in postings on your Facebook page.

Once comment/posting containing such keywords is posted on your page, it gets hidden automatically to public view except to the hater who posted it and his/her friends. However, some haters can get past the ban by using creative spellings in their posts.

Moderating or suspending all posts to your page

In case you’re always faced with an ongoing regular posting of negative or bad postings on your page, it may be advisable that you set on your page that posts must first be reviewed and approved by page moderators or admin before being published. In this way, only the positive stuff is going to be visible.

Moderating or suspending all comment on your page

However, this feature is not available yet on Facebook, and nobody knows why. But some clever people have come about tricks to get it done this can be achieved by posting a list of special keywords into the Page Moderation keyword filter list. This will allow all comments with the keywords to be hidden automatically until they are reviewed and approved.

Other tactics for handling haters on Facebook are:

  • Revoking local business reviews from your page
  • Disabling Tagging Ability on your page
  • Using a shill account or hiring an outsider to respond to the hater’s comments
  • Unpublishing your Facebook page Temporarily

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