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5 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing

5 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing

Most people and businesses are aware that social media marketing is crucial for both their success and growth and also has the potential of helping them to multiply their revenue. Social Media Marketing has been taken as one of the online marketing strategies out there that brings the highest Return On Investment (ROI) due to its low costs and absence of barriers to entry.

However, there are several hard truths about social media marketing that businesses need to accept. Most times, what we envisage and plan do not always happen that way in reality and this can really bite hard on us.

To shed more light on the misconceptions that businesses have about how social media marketing works, here are 5 hard truths about social media marketing.

Early Adopters Gain More Awareness/Followers/Likes Than Later Adopters

The number one truth to accept is that you shouldn’t expect your business that just adopted social media marketing to suddenly gain awareness, follower, or likes more than businesses who had established their presence on social media platforms long ago. Your business would certainly face some growth challenges.

Nowadays, getting subscribers, followers, and likes on established social media platform is much harder especially if you are not a celebrity, a big brand, or does not focus on trending topics/products that people are very passionately about.

The reasons for these is that the general newness of social media as a marketing tool has declined. And secondly, there are currently lots of new and established social media platforms that are all competing for the limited attention and time of users.

It’s Becoming More Difficult to Gain People’s Attention and Engagement

Most of the available social media platforms, if not all, are growing and expanding rapidly. As a result of these, most of the posts and ads may get lost in the noisy activities coming from the feeds of other users. Those posts and ads that manage to catch some attention may possibly not gather much reaction/engagement from them. More so, it is difficult to determine in advance which content will go viral and will gear up readers and motivate them to like or share.

Social Media Marketing is no longer free

Before now, almost all of the social media platforms are open environments which businesses can leverage freely. However, these platforms have grown into profit/revenue seeking companies and have adopted monetization-based marketing models. This means that social media marketers have to pay to place ads or market their business. Though it is still very much possible for businesses to leverage these platforms without paying cash, such businesses might not reap any substantial profit from that.

Social media marketing is not just for gaining competitive advantage

Unlike how it used to be before, social media marketing has grown beyond just a way to gain competitive advantage or get ahead of competitors. Social Media Marketing has grown into something necessary for every business to keep up. It is not just a place where businesses increase their exposure/presence/brand awareness, and convert this into prospects/customers, and subsequently increase revenues. This has changed into basic necessity where business must first commit themselves to establish channels.

Social Media Marketing Is Labor Intensive and A Continuous Practice

Businesses would need to invest considerable time and labor in human resources needed to constantly create professional content. Social media marketing is simply a continuous and fairly labor-intensive practice. More so, business should not consider social media marketing as a consistent success but must always measure their social media marketing performance and learn from it.

Any business owner who wants to be successful through Social Media Marketing must set realistic expectations, and this can be achieved by having a thorough understanding of the hard truths about social media marketing.

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