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Tips to Improve Social Media Presence for Your Business

Tips to Improve Social Media Presence for Your Business

Social Media PresenceEvery business owner knows that social media is here to stay. That is more reason why more time and effort are necessary to build a proper and active social media presence for your business.

Having an active social media presence bring a lot of advantages to your business, which include improving your customer service, enabling you to communicate both prospects and customers on a new level, helping you to reach out to new audiences and to engage with them, gaining valuable insights and feedback, and helping you drive more traffic to your website.

In a nutshell, an active social media presence can help you grow your business by creating loyal and lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

However, if you’ve not optimized your social media presence yet, there is still enough time for you. The benefits you will derive will be well worth the effort. Here are useful tips for active social media presence for your business.

Choose the Right Networks:

There are lots of social media networks out there that are dedicated to social activism and everything about networking. But with all these varying options, how would your business choose the right ones? Expert advice suggests you choose the most popular. Actually, choosing the right networks depends on where you have a majority of your audience and your goals. The following information can guide you to choose the right networks:

  1. Facebook is the largest social networking platform. It records more than has 2 billion active users monthly. This network is ideal for you if your business wants to generate leads and build relationships.
  2. Twitter is a social media network for immediacy i.e. time-sensitive information. So, if your business explains information like trending idea/topics, announcements, and breaking news, etc. this network is for you.
  3. LinkedIn is for business networking by both B2C and B2B business owners.
  4. If your business deals with photos or pictures, Pinterest is a fantastic platform for you.

Set a Goal:

In order to achieve all the benefits of an active social media presence, you must set a goal in mind. Your goal will help you to develop the right strategies. For instance, the strategy for driving sales is different from the strategy for improving customer service offering. So, set a goal to really know what you want to accomplish with social media presence.

Come up with a Strategy:

Setting a goal is great, but coming up with strategic plans to achieve the goal is greater. You can start this by choosing those who will be part of your team, and assign them clear roles and responsibilities so that they will what is expected of them and when. More so, you have to create a content calendar to decide on your posting frequency,

Choose Tools to Schedule and Automate Posts:

To stay dedicated and active on your social media platforms, you must engage in a regular social media posting. This can be done easily using automatic post scheduling and publishing tools. There are lots of post automation tools which can help you schedule and publish posts up to a month in advance.

Actively Engage Your Audience in Relevant Ways:

It is not enough to post your content on social media and walk away. You also have to create a connection and engagement with your content. This will help you to build trust and the right relationships with your audience. You can engage with your audiences by:

  • Asking them to comment on posts
  • Starting a conversation and asking them to participate
  • Sharing user-generated content
  • Sharing relevant information
  • Posting and answering questions
  • Showing appreciation for customers
  • Addressing complaints and criticisms


Observing the tips above will help you build an active social media presence, which will help you grow your business successfully. To determine if this tip works, it is important to measure the success of your strategy by paying attention to the amount of referral traffic generated by your social media presence. You can achieve this by using page insights, Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics, etc.

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