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Top 5 Tips to Double Your Facebook Likes

Top 5 Tips to Double Your Facebook Likes


As of March 2019, according to reports, Facebook 2.38 billion active users. With such numbers, the social media platform offers such a huge potential for online business. This does not mean you will have it easy, the competition for the audience is just as stiff. Facebook Likes can bring in more business leads and ultimately, sales conversions. They are a valuable asset to the success of your social media marketing strategy. Here are the top 5 tips to double your Facebook Likes

Play to The Tune

There is a reason why Facebook is a very addictive social media platform. It taps the part of our brain that craves attention. Whatever activity you do online, from posting, commenting to liking posts, it all stimulates an attention point in our brains. It brings some sort of feeling of social acceptance. As a business page, you will need to share content that your audience can relate to if you are to get more likes. Make them feel as if they belong and are part of your social media family. Understanding the psychology behind Facebook likes and playing to the tune of your followers will definitely double your Facebook Likes.


Consistency in Content Creation

Consistently providing your audience with new content does not only work for websites but also social media. The content should be of quality though. There are a wide variety of content you can share with your followers on a regular basis. Industry news and events, listicles, motivational quotes, and relevant DIY tips and hacks are some of the content you can share and get more likes. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords on your posts as that also helps organic searches and visibility, which can lead to an increase in Facebook Likes.

Research on The Best Facebook Posting Methods

Copy pasting stuff from your website onto your Facebook posts may not get you that much likes. Photos have been shown to have more engagement rates than when you share links and write-ups. You can also add captivating captions that are certain to grab your followers’ interest.

Schedule Your Posts

It is important to know when it is the best times for posting on Facebook. It can work the magic and effortlessly double your Facebook Likes. Studies have shown that engagement on social media platforms are usually peak in the evenings during weekends when people are more relaxed. You can use social media management platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your posts to go live during these peak times.

Optimize Your Website for Your Facebook Profile

Always include links to your social media platforms on your website. This way, your website visitors can easily find you on social platforms such as Facebook and engage you. You can also link comments on your website to your Facebook page. This is likely to increase the visibility of your Facebook page and attract new followers to your page. More followers will translate to more likes. Ask your followers to turn on notifications for your page so that they don’t miss out on new posts.

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