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Why Linkedin Blogging works best for your business?

Why Linkedin Blogging works best for your business?

Image result for linkedin bloggingLinkedIn is a powerful platform for companies and individuals alike or building new connections, building their brand and for generating leads on their products and services. LinkedIn is proven to be an effective platform for all forms of businesses, specifically B2B businesses.

LinkedIn Blogging means reaching out to a lot of potential businesses and customers through the platform. There are plenty of advantages of blogging on this platform, let us look through the same:

  • For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is way more important than Facebook

According to the Social Media Industry Report published in 2015, LinkedIn has beat Facebook in the race for being the most popular marketing platform for Business to Business companies. The numbers are 42% usage of LinkedIn by the B2B marketers and 21% of usage from B2C marketers, according to the same report.

  • LinkedIn is one of the top three social media platforms

LinkedIn is an extremely precious business tool because according to the report above, 62% of the business owners are on LinkedIn and another 22% of those who are not, intend to come into it the following year. So, LinkedIn Blogging means reaching out to more people whose numbers are just growing.

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  • It is a great platform for product launches

If your business is providing a product, then using LinkedIn to get the word out there has shown great impact. It is thanks to the effective distribution of the information to consumers, media and various bloggers. Blogging about your product on a regular basis can pass this vital information to all potential buyers of it, and launching any further products or versions of them will reap much greater leads and conversions compared to traditional media.

  • There is research to show the effectiveness of LinkedIn for lead generation

Blogging is all about making people aware of your product/service and persuade them to convert their lead to a conversion. Research by Hubspot found that LinkedIn has the highest visitor to conversion ratio amongst all the other social media platforms. The conversion rate in LinkedIn is a whopping 2.79% and although the number may vary over the years, the platform will still remain a significant source of conversions for different types of businesses.

  • LinkedIn increases the search visibility of your brand

If you optimize your LinkedIn profile/page properly and stuff your blogs with the correct keywords, they can appear higher up the Google search rankings. You must ensure to follow the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization and use the tools provided by keywords to find and test keywords. This boost can be further augmented by optimizing your profile for a correct job title and descriptive wording of your profile or company.

If you share your content to connections and followers on a regular basis and use LinkedIn advertising to reach out to more, it can be extremely effective to your business in the longer run. Get started with LinkedIn Blogging today!

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