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Top 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Top 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The advent of social media has made it possible to relate with people in different ways, including people who know, have done business with and strangers. Instagram is one of such platforms that make it possible for people to relate with family, friends, business associates, prospective clients and the general public on the Internet. A lot of individuals and organizations have taken advantage of the opportunity to promote their businesses.

However, some of such people who market on Instagram have often made some mistakes that they might not know they are making. If your Instagram account is not driving sales to reach the target you have set, you might want to check if you are making any of these 3 Instagram marketing mistakes as well as learn how to fix such mistakes.

Image result for InstagramPrioritizing Growth over Engagement:

There are two aims for which people create posts on Instagram. The major aim is supposed to be to engage your current followers, while the secondary aim should be targeted at having new followers. However, we often feel that the more people we are able to reach, the more sales we will be making. The implication is that a lot of social media marketers make the mistake of trying to grow the number of followers they have as opposed to trying to engage those that they have.

Thus, even though they have a considerable following and their Instagram followers are continuously growing, they still find out that they are making little sales. While it is good to pursue growth, it should not be at the expense of engagement. Make sure to regularly check comments left on your posts and reply them.

Also, endeavour to sometimes comment on the post of your followers and send them DMs. Try to understand them and what they need, that way you will know how to talk to them as well as what products they are interested in or what improvements in your Instagram marketing services they are hoping to see.

Lack of Strategy for Posting:

Some social media marketers just post on Instagram without having a strategy for their posts. As opposed to utilizing data to know what their audience wants, they just guess and make random posts. The implication is that a lot of their followers just skip most of their posts, resulting in such posts having minimal impacts.

Strategic posting entails going back to check all your previous posts and seeing which of them your audience interacted with the most. You could subsequently build on such reactions to create more posts along that line towards interesting them and convincing them to patronize your products.

Image result for Insta hashtagsCorrectly Using Hashtags:

A lot of people use Hashtags on Instagram that end up causing more damage to their marketing as opposed to improving it. Apart from the fact that Hashtags on Instagram have no search value, there is also the issue with such hashtags leading your audience away from your posts to other posts that are not related to you.

If you must use hashtags for your Instagram marketing, ensure they are unique hashtags that lead to your content or helpful information about your products and services.


Avoiding these 3 mistakes or fixing them will help you improve your marketing success on Instagram.

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