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What is a Vimeo Showcase?

What is a Vimeo Showcase?

Image result for vimeo showcaseVimeo is at it again. For lovers and creators of videos, the new Showcase launched by Vimeo is truly a delightful concept any day and any time. Vimeo is already known as one of the most impressive video platforms on the planet and it is always coming up with ever-innovative ideas on how to make the community even more interesting and engaging. It is for this reason that they have come up with the Vimeo Showcase. A revolutionary concept, Vimeo promises to make the platform even more usable, customizable and easy to enjoy by all users irrespective of the type of gadget they are using – and at very affordable costs of course.

With the Vimeo Showcase, you can now have much more flexibility in the creation and management of all your clips. The best thing about Vimeo Showcase is that it is equally excellent for you no matter the level of experience you have developed in relation to video creation. What that implies is that it is equally superb for both amateurs and long-term professionals. For those who are also content creators who are intent on making a good and reputable name for themselves online, Vimeo Showcase offers them such wonderful opportunities.

Those who also wish to monetize their products and promote their services can also find Vimeo Showcase to be very useful indeed. Now, with this new package, making the most interesting and customized videos for your own specific audience becomes not only easy but a lot of fun also. This is very possible because Showcase comes a number of features and are as follows:

  • Customized portfolios: There are easily-customizable layouts that everyone can make use of in the presentation of their videos. These layouts are also done in a way that you can share the clips either with the general audience or with a select group of viewers. In fact, it is so sophisticated that you can decide to add a password to it before viewers can gain access – it all depends on how you want it done.
  • Flexible playlists: For those wondering what they have to do with their huge collections of videos, Vimeo Showcase now offers an easier way to have all these videos embedded in your website or other similar platforms. There is nothing really more impressive for a video content creator like a stress-free way to add a code to include your clips.

All that said, there may still be others who may be genuinely wondering what really stands Vimeo Showcase out from the other previous or even similar offerings. With Showcase, one can do a replacement of collections and even have some editions done on these albums even as you swell them up with newer ones. You can easily rearrange your most loved clips and have them properly worked on. All this you do with less stress and considerably higher levels of efficiency. As hinted at earlier, the very best thing with the Vimeo Showcase is that it has been designed in a way that it will be of benefit to just everyone – from newbies to experts.

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