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What is “Promote It” in Reverbnation?

What is “Promote It” in Reverbnation?

Promote it is an online platform on Reverbnation that gives artists the opportunity to promote their music on Image result for reverbnationpopular sites. This is made possible through the creation of customized ads which are then run on some of the iconic music sites such as MTV, Tiny, Spotify, Amazon, Rolling Stone, YouTube, and many others. The ads are generated depending on what somebody is promoting. If it is an album all the ads will be based on that particular album, the same applies to shows, videos, songs, and even website pages.

How does Promote It work?

Basically what this tool does is to link all the ads to your custom landing page. Through this, with every click that is made on an ad, the potential customer will be redirected directly to your custom page. This makes it easier to promote your music and also increases your chances of selling. With this, you will have a good interaction with your fans. There are different campaigns types so depending on the one you choose your fans will be able to download, share and play your music. All this can be done from your landing page.

With its artificial intelligence feature Promote it has the ability to remember all your frequent visitors. This makes it easy to tailor ads that match their interests, therefore, increasing the chances of them visiting your page again. With this, all the music you post on your page will always reach those who are likely to buy them.

Promote It also has the unique ability to selectively advertise ads in specific geographical locations. This can give you an upper hand in reaching your target population. You can decide to go global or stay local, whichever option you go for your ads will always reach your fans.

Image result for reverbnation promote itAvailable Promote it Subscription plans

This service offers a variety of plans ranging from paid to the free three-day trial plan. When signing up you can choose any plan that best suits your needs. Prices may vary depending on the campaign you pick, but you can spend as low as $ 3 a day to promote your content. The best part of it all is that you will be keeping track of how your money is used. Through the stats page, you are able to check how many times your ads were shown on a particular online platform. If you like you can proceed further by also checking the number of fans that have viewed the ads.

How to join Promote It

Joining this service is very easy and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is free. All you have to do is visit the official Promote It page. Click on the “Join For Free” button and select how you would like to join from the available options. After accepting the Terms and conditions of ReverbNation you can proceed with the registration process. The registration process will require that you confirm your email so ensure that you have a functional email address.

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