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YouTube Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

YouTube Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

Image result for youtube marketingMarketing is a major technique for introducing products and services to the public. Marketing is important because people can only patronize you when they know about your business. Thus, marketing is just as important as the location of your business as well as the quality of products and services you produce. Youtube ads are becoming more important for marketing considering that more people are watching Youtube videos and the number of people watching TVs is reducing.

Why Youtube marketing is effective

Youtube marketing is very effective because people come there with the mindset to learn and know more about their hobby or something they are passionate about. As opposed to Facebook video ads that are shown to people who are in a socializing mindset, Youtube ads are shown to people who are interested in learning. Thus, as opposed to Facebook video ads being disruptive and interruptive, Youtube video ads are more welcome and patronized.

Types of Youtube ad and the best Youtube ad type

There are two major types of Youtube ads you can opt for. The first is the discovery ad that shows at the top of search results. For this type of video, you are charged once the person clicks the play button, even if he clicks away instantly. There is the other ad that plays before the Youtube video starts playing. For this type of ad, the individual must finish watching the ad if it is less than 30 seconds long or watch at least 30 seconds if it is more than 30 seconds for you to be charged for it. Going for the other options is generally better and more beneficial than the first option.

How to create the right Youtube ad Image result for youtube marketing

Your Youtube video should be focused and as much as possible, you could aim for 30 seconds long video. Try to pass across the information you wish to within this time, so that you can be sure that the viewer will get the message for every video you are charged for. You should make the video informative, so that that a viewer will be willing to continue watching after the first five seconds. You should also finish with a call to action that will lead them to your website or to patronize your products or services. The audio and picture quality in your video should be clear enough so that the viewer does not miss any of the information or have to strain to hear them. This could make the viewer skip the ad and continue watching and help in Youtube marketing.

Targeting customers

It is also important to target customers to get the best results. Targeting customers is majorly achieved by using the right keywords. This way, your video ads only come up when a viewer searches for a keyword that is among the keywords in your video. That way, only people that are interested in the content covered by your video ad will click on it. Consequently, they will be more interested in watching the ad and taking action after watching the ad.

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