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Image result for Shazam MusicShazam is a mobile application whose main feature enables phone users to identify any tune or captivating song played on any media; TV, radio set or any other sonic output. For example, sitting in a cafeteria, a song plays on but it becomes hectic to identify the beats. Simply press on the app and within a short time, you’ll get the identity of the artist, album, song-title, lyrics and even videos.

Shazam is totally unique idea and offers a platform for musicians and the listeners, a departure from other social media and digital forums. Main goal is to offer support to music enthusiasts. Apart from buying followers online, other sustainable solutions to consider, that focus on multiplying the frequency of playing and generating a higher number of likes are:

Ensure verification of the artist’s profile

An unverified profile is seen as nondescript artwork by majority of followers or potential listeners, which diminishes opportunities for increased likes and plays on the artist’s account. This is the initial and most important task to ensure a strong foundation for growth. Additionally, a verified artist is granted access data via Shazam Connect.

Generating a catchy playlist and superb lyrical content

The online traffic for Shazam’s plays and likes to one’s account is also determined by artistic works uploaded by the composers. Creativity in choice of playlist and lyrical composition should be appealing, trendy and dynamic to the target audience. This ensures audiences’ satisfaction and earns loyalty to the brand.

Create a connection to your website via a link button

If an artist is tech-savvy, a handy button that directs traffic towards a well-designed and managed website may act as a magnate to pull the audience to get additional playlist and information on the artist and other latest news on hits, gigs and other important information on the artist’s lifestyle and programs.

Image result for Shazam Music

Enlist the support of bloggers and influencers

In social media circles, there exists individuals who the public or the online community looks-upon as opinion shapers or leaders, some social personalities who are always relied on to offer expert advice or just endorsements. Networking with such individuals could be a game changer in terms of the power of their mentions, testimonials and references hence awareness and traffic to one’s account.

Study and act on analytical information

Shazam provides access to analytics. They gather online information concerning age, sex, race, and other demographic and geographic data. Such reports are analyzed, trends and patterns are established and therefore, enable timely decisions to be made so as to maintain and attract continued viewership or listeners to the app.

Running online promotional drive

With the assistance of a creative team, well-crafted promotional messages can be spread and go viral in social media thereby spreading word about the artist and his/ her works on Shazam especially non-music playing apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Music playing apps like iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud, YouTube and Google play come handy too in driving traffic to Shazam.

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