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How to Use IGTV to Fuel Your Growth on Instagram??

How to Use IGTV to Fuel Your Growth on Instagram??

During the first half of 2018, IGTV an Instagram-initiative launched its new platform and interface. This brand new app and platform made top headlines in the media and across popular business sites on launching.

However, there were few misinterpretations during the first week of the app-launch to be a new competitor to the famous YouTube platform. But eventually, top brands like Red bull and BBC started creative ways on how to well use the platform.

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So in this article, we’ll be taking you down that road to illustrate ways you can use  IGTV to Fuel Your Growth on Instagram.

  1. Post Informative contents for your Instagram followers

Teaching is one very effective forms of engagement as far as marketing is concerned. Your Instagram followers love getting unique value their time which they spend going through the videos on your page. If you’re selling foodstuffs, taking some time out to show some recipe can be helpful and engaging for your Instagram followers.

  1. Carryout Q&A time-to-time with your audience

The amazing effect a simple Q&A can have on your business can’t be overemphasized. Your audience wishes to know about you and your business and creating such forums to answer their questions is a good way of engagement. Questions such as who are you? how do I get to enjoy your products and services? maybe your followers’ favorite and after getting answers to these can enhance the level of trust they have for your business.

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  1. vlog to your followers

Vlogging on IGTV goes a long way to help fuel your growth on Instagram. Vlogging creates a special connection between you and your followers. Making videos such as ‘behind the scenes’ can help give your audience that sense of belonging that they have a part to play in your success story. When vlogging you not only invite your Instagram followers to watch your brand expand but be a part of that unique growth.

  1. Stick to what works best

IGTV is not a very sacred platform that needs so much work to be put in. If you already have videos of yours on other channels or Instagram with good audience engagement, you could as well try similar stuff on IGTV.

The vertical format IGTV provides may be the only major difference, but if your content is that which entertains and engages your followers, then it’s worth it! And instead of just repeating old contents, you could enhance it by creating companion-content that’s new.

  1. Including deleted scenes and Bloopers

Most of the time, what goes through the mind of your audience usually is ”what mistakes did they make during the process?” Viewers are often interested in the mistakes that occur during the content creation of either a tutorial video or an entertaining one. Whatever the case may be, including footage of little errors made in the video production process gives a user a more intimate connection to your content.

These simple tips and tricks could boost your Instagram presence and help your business growth too…. Good Luck!!!

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