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Benefits of Linking your Website to Facebook

Benefits of Linking your Website to Facebook

One may think that by linking his or her website, one may lure the fellow members from Facebook or provide more details of the products or the services provided. That’s old news, folks! Here, we explore the benefits not only to the website owners but also to the users as well!

There are over 10 billion websites that provide log-in using Facebook and they can use voice log-in too! Facebook Connect cuts down the steps and takes the user to the end of the line. And no more worries about remembering the passwords! Research proves that forgotten passwords make nine out of ten users to leave the site for good! That’s pretty serious loss to online businesses!

Once a person logs in, Facebook keeps track of that as a bookmark and makes it easy to track back your website. And, as long as the user is signed into Facebook, they are automatically signed into your website too!

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Social log-ins, like Facebook Connect helps in collecting the actual information of the users. People tend to give false information about themselves at a website! Whereas, there is an awful lot of data is entered and stored in Facebook. So,it goes without saying that information is money!

Treasure trove of Information

Facebook has many plugins like, Like Button, Activity Feed etc to gains insights about the users. Live Stream lets you see the live interactions. You’re benefited by finding and learning about the friends of the users. It costs Re.1 to get a phone number! Here, you get a bunch of potential customers. The comments section helps identify the areas that are relevant to the users. These are some of the benefits from the plugins!

Personalization can be easily achieved by understanding the user.


Analytics can help you in two ways!

Facebook gives detailed analytics about the demographics of the users and that can be integrated into your website. It provides information like, daily, weekly and monthly users. It’ll be easy to build your own profiles of them.

Building your own Business/Website app on Facebook gives a opportunity to integrate deeply into the core Facebook experience. Social plugins, Graph Apis and Platform Dialogs are very useful to the development of your own business.

Analytics also can help your business to track users with Insights Dashboards. Insights includes,

  • Stream stories
  • Referral traffic
  • A breakdown of user actions that contributes to active user count

And many more!

Some tips!

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Don’t place your posts on both Facebook and your website! You may say other businesses are doing it. Just because others are doing it shouldn’t make you follow suit. Thank about it! If they’ve read it on your Facebook page, then the trip to your website is a waste of time! Your Facebook entry should be a pointer, a lure, to your website. Facebook is part of your promotion, not a replacement!

People can be skeptic about your intentions! They may fear that you may steal information from their page! It’s better to offer a separate login to your website as an alternative. You should explain, at the Facebook Connect, the reasons why you ask permissions to dispel any misunderstanding!

Definitely Facebook Connect can be a boon to your business, if you know what to do!

All the best!

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