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What is Video Marketing: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Video Marketing: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Although video marketing is a powerful form of marketing, everything comes with a certain weakness. While many companies have made marketing through videos an integral part of their campaign, others still prefer to go with traditional marketing routes. It is often difficult to determine if video marketing will be profitable for your brand as you cannot calculate the ROI until you have run the campaign and obtained the numbers. You need to be aware of the barriers related to video marketing and must overcome them effectively to improve the consumer awareness of your brand.

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Advantages of Video Marketing

The fundamental reason why companies go for videos in the first place is that it is the medium that the users want and love. A large portion of the public consumes a lot of streaming content online daily.

Since videos are a visual medium and it is something dynamic on the screen, the brand re-call is higher after the user has watched the video. If the video has an engaging storyline, the user can remember it and about the brand associated with it for days together. This is not the same in the case of text or videos.

Videos are a great way to boost a personal connection with your customers. Through videos, you can advertise the personality of your brand and connect with a specific situation that is relatable for your consumer.

People who like your video has a greater chance of them sharing it. This percentage of sharing content is the highest amongst videos, text, and images. The more your audience will share your video, the faster will the brand awareness grow.

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Disadvantages of Video Marketing

Since video making has become so accessible and economical now, the market for the same is somewhat saturated. According to an estimation, around 300 hours’ worth of content is uploaded on YouTube every day. Your brand has to compete against a very large pool to stand out.

Just making a beautiful video is not enough and it will not market itself. The brand has to market their advertising tools by sharing it and must convince the user to share it as well.

There is a fine line between your video being relatable and being just like any advertisement on the TV or YouTube. If your video has even the slightest hint that it is just like any commercial, chances are your users are going to skip your ad after the first few seconds.

Lastly, the videos are expensive. It is not easy to make an animated ad video for instance, and there are plenty of resources required to shoot even a real-life one. This is particularly a hindrance to small-sized startups. Also, with videos, you do not have the flexibility to test different versions through advertising unless you shell out a huge amount of your budget.

Therefore, see what works for your brand, get the right marketing team and choose the right strategy to boost your presence online.


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